Closer to the Press to handstand.

Front lever is literally inching along.

Adding core work though its getting stronger without really doing any direct work. I can do one dragon flag, but it seems more of a lat exercise than an ab exercise. I am mainly worried about lateral flexion/stability.

CARDIO! Doin it big! With gas projected in the $4-5 per gallon range, im too poor to help BP get richer. Looks like im gonna be riding my bike! YAY! Currently in an intro period to reacclimate to those comfy bike seats.

Legs. More jumping. less heavy squating and deadlifting…did i just say that?

Some nagging tightness under the right shoulderblade though shoulder mobility has never been better, i have to address this.

Overall, im goin in a more bodyweight, less weights route. It just seems to be easier on the joints. And i like joints.