So i have this 300 rep workout (no association with the movie) which is similar to one of those crossfit routines, and i had most of my clients do it this week. I think it went well. Feel free to try:

3 lift for 10 reps each, repeat 10 times in a circuit fashion. Time the workout.

1. pushpress – women 15lb dumbells in each hand, men 35+ lb each hand

2. recline/inverted bodyweight row

3. up-downs with dumbells womes 20lb each hand, men 70lb each hand

4. repeat back at one for 10 times total…have fun

Most finished in under 30 minutes with Jess holding the record at 17. Watch out though Wendy is hot on her tail…

Congrats to Jess, Wendy, Laura, Jodi, Rachel, Tervy, and Vicki !