I have heard about these before and was curious. They sound similar to how i train the bulk of my clients so i decided to go for the gusto and try one myself. The idea is fairly simple: lift fairly heavy weights to get your heartrate up pretty high and keep it going for a set amount of time.


Here is what i did:

1. Jungle gym strap pushupsx10

2. Double kettlebell swings x10 (53lb each hand)

3. Deadbug leg lifts x10

4. Single arm rows x10 each arm (jungle gym straps)

5 Split squats x10 each leg


Rinse and repeat for 25 minutes.

The exercises have to be noncompeting, in other words one set should not hinder the performance of the next. Ideally with PHA, exercises should be set in a way so that the completed set is i a totally different area of the body relative to the next set.

Next time i will give myself extra minutes for an even half-hour. Was in a rush to stop sweating for my next client.


My take? I will definetly use this in the future. it delivered, i had my heart pounding for 25 minutes ond there wasnt any local fatigue that started to hinder performance. That is a key point to the PHA circuit. tThe loads need to be demanding yet allow for continued work. If any one set totally burns you out so you cannot perform the set in the following round, use a lighter weight. Conversely, if you are not huffing and puffing with a ‘sweat stripe’ down your shirt, add more weight. The general ‘feel’ should be that of vigorous physical labor, say, loading a box truck in a hurry, or an up-beat wrestling prcatice.