The theme of this week as far as most of my client’s workouts has been GPP work with the sled. One of my favorite pieces of equipment! Very simple to use and MAKE. Well, the moral of the story is basically to drag it. Of course this can be done several ways. Conditioning, strength work, speed work, recovery work, all can be done with a used tire and some stuff bought at a hardware store. Last i checked, one can be made for under twenty dollars.


And, AND, one of the benefits of the sled is that you can use it outside and get some fresh air. I find that to be a bonus. 


So for those interested, a sample sled workout. The focus is conditioning/GPP:


Drag forward for 30 seconds

Drag backwards for 30 seconds

Reduce weight and drag sideways for 30 seconds each side.

Rest for 1 minute.

Repeat for 18 minutes. 


Tips: Choose a weight and travelling speed that allows a general burning sensation in the legs, high heart rate, and huffing and puffing. A shower afterwards should be needed, especially in the summer sun. Bring water and rest more if needed. Have fun!