Ok, my parents never said that. As kids, my brother and i often heard not ‘clean your plate’, but rather, ‘Hey! Leave some for others!’. In high school we would kill a box of cereal in 2 days. Dinner was usually not enough, we had a trough in the back yard filled with pizza to hold us over until the next day. But that was then.

This is now. And the food of the day is:Kale!

What is it? A veggie, that is good for you. As i tell most my clients, one’s plate should be about half vegetables. Use Kale to meet that obligation.

There are many ways to prepare Kale. Often it is recommended to soak it in water and lemon juice or water and cider vinegar for about 0 minutes. Kale is a tough leaf and soaking it in a weak acid softens the leaf.  A simple idea recommended by a client of a coworker is to make a salad with Kale and use  mix of sesame oil and soy sauce as a dressing.

Here are some more ideas, the Kale wrapped dates with almond sounds quite tasty. Enjoy!