Who is Dave? Read it here.


I find it to be a motivational read. Notice near the end of page two:

“A raw novice’s time would be better spent doing bodyweight training. You should be able to perform 100 push-ups, minimum, before even approaching a bench press. Add in pull-ups, lunges, and the other bodyweight staples to complete the program”


Most dont have that discipline. I probably wouldnt have either. But, looking back on my own training past, i agree with his statement. Everyone wants to play with some shiny new toy, not rep out pushups and pullups. There is a fascination with the ‘perfect workout’. That workout doesnt exist. The closest thing to a perfect workout is the one you just completed. I learned this the hard way, with lots of wasted time. Is his path the path for you, no. You have your own path. But one can look to others and see where mistakes can be avoided, motivation can be shared, and share challenges met. The thing is, everyone has problems. Some fail because of them, others succeed despite them. I think it largely comes down to making a decision and then doing. I find it motivating when i see a person who lost more or has less than i, achieve something great.