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my workouts

monday: deck of cards pushup/rows

A=1, 2 thru 10 is face value, face cards are 10, jokers are 20.

Flip a card, do that many pushups and rows. try to complete the deck as quick as possible.


Tuesday: 250 bodyweight squats, 250 hip bridges. plan to gradually increase this to 500/500. rest periods were ’10 deep breaths’. Oh, i would count this as cardio. Later today, about 20 headstand pushups and chins.


Al’s site


I found Al at the Bar-Barians site. I have been reading his articles for a while now. Its a great site that has good videos demonstrating basic body weight movements.


Great examples of how women should push themselves, sensibly, to lift fairly heavy weights.

‘Knife Defense’


For my martial arts friends out there. Your first defense is environmental awareness, aka, dont put yourself in a bad spot to begin with. Second, if someone pulls a knife, run! If you cant run or have to defend your family, you better strike first.


Seems quite like Pavel’s ‘greasing the groove’. The take home message is ‘frequent practice’. Un-psyched ‘maxes’…quite different from how I’ve heard it described before but people tend to exaggerate exotic foreign ideas.   

Nutrition info


Tips on Intermittent Fasting and Macros. Plus the good old ‘cut out processed crap’.


For those interested…


Enjoy, and have a good weekend!