My name is Gabe Gaskins and Adventures in Strong is a record of my experiences in fitness and personal training.

It is my belief that physical culture in the U.S.A. is in a state that we should quite frankly be ashamed of. Has our standard of living made us soft?  Is the sedentary lifestyle a result of technology? Perhaps uneducation?  I dont know. But what i do know is that in my 2 years so far in training i find it amazing that so few people can perform the most basic of exercises such as a pushup, let alone a pullup.  Thays right, most Americans that ive seen cannot do a single proper pushup. How are we to ever to survive such hardships as say, the hypothetical zombie attack, if we cannot run for more than 15 seconds, or jump up and grab that low roof overhang and pull ourselves up to safety?


Yeah the scenario is a bit silly but it illustrates a point: we are physically impoverished, in the land of plenty.

What are we to do? Educate ourselves, then do what we learn. It is simple but not easy.


So really, this blog is about how i go about getting myself and others more fit. I will also post some non-fitness stuff as well but i warn all readers, i can get quite nerdy.