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Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better: Installment 28


I have never seen a TRX used for overhead squats before. Awesome!

Not me or my client but,

a good example thereof:

Who is Confused About Cardio Training Programmes?!

From Darby Training Systems:


Now ive done similar before but learned quite a bit more detail. I tried it, and after i stopped weeping and crying like a 4 year old who didn’t get ice cream, my ankles felt great AND my pistol squats were particularly smooth that session.


So modern wheat contains a GM(genetically modified) protein called gliadin, which is an opiate. Why and who benefits?


My workouts so far…

I have been enjoying the calisthenics/body-weight exercises as of lately. I swear they increase joint mobility/flexibility. Handbalancing is fun but frustrating at the same time. Generally speaking i do 5-20 reps of something ‘hard’ then gobs of high rep basic movements.

So today looked like: 10 weighted pistols each leg. then 10 sets of: 10 Bulgarian split squats, 10 squats, 10 single leg bridges, 10 side lunges, 10 single leg deadlifts.

On other days i may do 250 squats(in sets of 50) and 250 bridges(in sets of 50 as well)


Upper body days look like: weighted dips-ladder down 5,4,3,3,3. Then deck of cards.


Deck of cards: draw a card, do that many reps. Face cards = 10, joker(that bastard) = 20. Exercises are: pushups, suspension rows, ball crunches, and 10 kettlebell swings(10 regardless of the card drawn) 54 sets in all! Takes about an hour, its also cardio as well. Total reps: 1680. 380 each lift plus 540 swings. Hamstrings are a little sore, other than that, gaining some size.


Want to try but cant do so many reps? Easy. One suit of cards is 85 reps. Or one could shuffle and cut the deck into half, third, whatever. Be creative!!!


Ok, so im not APC, but ill share this knowledge.  The siimplest diet/lifestyle change one can make is eating less crap, and more healthy foods that actually have vitamins and nutrients. Simple? Yes. Easy? Usually.


Moral of the story: diet is about experimentation and in the age of too many choices and too much info, one has to experiment and find what works for themselves. Obviously there are some base principles to follow.  IF may or may not work for you, but, ditching sugar and processed crap will likely work for most.

Squat tips from Mr. Wendler


Good info for improving squat form from a guy who squatted a ‘decent’ weight.