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my workouts

monday: deck of cards pushup/rows

A=1, 2 thru 10 is face value, face cards are 10, jokers are 20.

Flip a card, do that many pushups and rows. try to complete the deck as quick as possible.


Tuesday: 250 bodyweight squats, 250 hip bridges. plan to gradually increase this to 500/500. rest periods were ’10 deep breaths’. Oh, i would count this as cardio. Later today, about 20 headstand pushups and chins.


Al’s site


I found Al at the Bar-Barians site. I have been reading his articles for a while now. Its a great site that has good videos demonstrating basic body weight movements.


Great examples of how women should push themselves, sensibly, to lift fairly heavy weights.

‘Knife Defense’


For my martial arts friends out there. Your first defense is environmental awareness, aka, dont put yourself in a bad spot to begin with. Second, if someone pulls a knife, run! If you cant run or have to defend your family, you better strike first.


Seems quite like Pavel’s ‘greasing the groove’. The take home message is ‘frequent practice’. Un-psyched ‘maxes’…quite different from how I’ve heard it described before but people tend to exaggerate exotic foreign ideas.   

Nutrition info


Tips on Intermittent Fasting and Macros. Plus the good old ‘cut out processed crap’.


For those interested…


Enjoy, and have a good weekend!



Ill be posting intermittently for i only have temporary interwebs these days. Speaking of intermittent…


Coincidence? I got up early and ran hill sprints at Edgewater this morning. Glad i did.


A little history:

I am not a runner, for me, two miles is about it. I ran one season of Cross Country in middle school…not my sport. I was the big ‘make sure to cleat their fast guy on the back of his calves before the first mile’ guy. The big slow brute who finished in 18 minutes AFTER everyone else. I usually finished when our coach finished packing for the ride home.

Why do i run? To get in shape. Do i die after those two miles, not on a regular run of about 8-9 minutes a mile. Its boring but it doesnt drain me for the day, it sometimes feels good. So one of my fitness goals is to improve overall conditioning and that includes running.

How am i doing it? Well, like anything else you get better by doing it more often. I started about two weeks ago, willy-nilly just going for random runs one mile up the road, one mile back. Simple jogging. i finish in under 20 minutes

This week, Tuesday and today i added timed runs. Run down for one mile in under 9 minutes. Rest about a minute, then run back for times sets.

Run fast 30 seconds, walk one minutes, repeat until im home. Again, very simple. I will give it another week and bump it up to three runs a week.

Feel free to try this. Now if 30 seconds is too much you can increase the walk to 1.5 minutes. That scheme should look familiar to my clients.

If one is unable to run, being too large or having bad knees, one can drag a sled. Drag forward for a minute, then backward for a minute repeating for 8-10 minutes(even numbers work better here). For a ‘sprint’ with the sled, one can load it up so it is ‘heavy’ and pull like mad for 30 seconds, then walk to recover for a minute. Similar to the running described above. Dont have a sled and arent handy enough to make one? Get a friend, put your car in neutral. You push, he/she steers. Im not joking, this will work.


So enjoy these cardio/conditioning options. Be sure to bring water and play if safe in the hot sun. Use sunscreen, watch for overexposure/heat stroke. most of all, HAVE FUN! 

Interesting article from Dave

Who is Dave? Read it here.


I find it to be a motivational read. Notice near the end of page two:

“A raw novice’s time would be better spent doing bodyweight training. You should be able to perform 100 push-ups, minimum, before even approaching a bench press. Add in pull-ups, lunges, and the other bodyweight staples to complete the program”


Most dont have that discipline. I probably wouldnt have either. But, looking back on my own training past, i agree with his statement. Everyone wants to play with some shiny new toy, not rep out pushups and pullups. There is a fascination with the ‘perfect workout’. That workout doesnt exist. The closest thing to a perfect workout is the one you just completed. I learned this the hard way, with lots of wasted time. Is his path the path for you, no. You have your own path. But one can look to others and see where mistakes can be avoided, motivation can be shared, and share challenges met. The thing is, everyone has problems. Some fail because of them, others succeed despite them. I think it largely comes down to making a decision and then doing. I find it motivating when i see a person who lost more or has less than i, achieve something great.